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The whole communication between authors, reviewers and editors is done via the Internet ( - referred below as 'Web System').

Account Creation:

The Reviewer Account is created by Editor or by the Reviewer. After successful account creation, the email containing password will be generated and sent to Reviewer. Please do not forget to give us the keywords describing your field of research, which will allow the editorial board to allocate the papers to be reviewed.

Paper Review:

Authors submit their papers to review also through the Web System. The role of Editor is to assign submitted papers to the chosen Reviewers. Then the Reviewers are informed by email, which contains short description of the paper and attachment in form of PDF file. To send the paper review, Reviewers have to login to the Web System (Web System -> login).
After the successful login Reviewer will be redirected to the page containing list of the papers, which were assign to his account, to review. The list presents short info about the paper - title, author(s) and status. The reviewing procedure is organized as follows:

  1. Click on the position from the list related to the paper, which will be reviewed. You will be redirected to the page with details of the paper (title, author(s), links to the full paper and figures).
  2. On the details page, the form of review can be found. It consists of four fields i.e. Review, Remarks to the Author, Remarks to the Editor and Note.
  3. After completion of review form two options can be chosen: Save or Submit. If the first one is clicked, then the review can be still modified by the reviewer. Otherwise, the review is submitted to Editor and cannot be modified anymore.
If the paper is accepted conditionally and requires the second review, the above described procedure is repeated after the Author(s) submit the revised version of the paper.

Please note that to achieve optimal performance, we recommend that your browser should be the most current version of either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Reviewing Procedure:

  1. Each paper is reviewed by two reviewers from the institutions different from all the Authors of the paper.
  2. The names of the reviewers are not revealed to the Authors. Once a year the list of the reviewers is published on the journal web page.
  3. The reviewer has to declare that his participation in the reviewing procedure does not create a conflict of interest (direct personal relation, direct scientific collaboration, legal connections, other conflicts),
  4. Review has to be written in the system and has to be concluded by one of the following options:

    Accepted: The paper can be published without any changes or only minor changes are needed. The paper is not sent to the Reviewer again and the Editor is responsible for checking whether the changes were made.

    Accepted conditionally: The paper requires major changes and the revised version of the paper has to be sent to the reviewer again for acceptance.

    Rejected: The paper does not meet the standard of the scientific publication and cannot be accepted.

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