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New Authors - Before the first submission, the author has to register a new account with the 'Register Now' link from the menu above and enter the requested information. Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to the Authors with instructions on how to log in.

The paper has to be submitted through the Web System. Therefore, the author has to login to the system. After successful login, the author is redirected to the page containing a list of his papers. At every moment author has the possibility to add a new paper. The procedure of paper adding, submitting, and reviewing is divided into the following steps:

Paper Upload - The author has to choose the accepted position from the paper list - he will be redirected to a form allowing him to upload the full version of the paper. The paper has to be uploaded as a PDF file; in this form, it is sent to the editor, and the paper receives new status - 'Paper Submitted'. The editor assigns the paper to two Reviewers, and the status is changed one more time - 'Paper in Review'.

After Review Actions - Reviewers assess the paper and send their notes to the editor, who assigns the final note and gives additional remarks. The status is changed to 'Paper Accepted' ('Paper Rejected') if the paper was accepted (rejected) or 'Paper Accepted Conditionally'. The latter means that the authors have to consider the suggestions written by Reviewers and explanations of the editor. Then the author can resubmit the paper one more time to review.

After Paper Acceptance- If the paper is finally accepted, the author can upload *.doc (*.docx) version of the paper.

Please note that to achieve optimal performance, we recommend that your browser to be the most current version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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